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Out with the old, in with the new

I wanted to make a different one...And I was bored...

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....The name's "Cujo". Well...not really but that's what everyone seems to call me these days. It's alright though, I like it.

I'm a pretty open-minded person who doesn't go by any set rules of living. Randomness fits my fancy and I'm always willing to hear out and try new things. I like all sorts of people no matter what their background holds. I'm also a sarcastic smartass so don't take anything I say too personally.

Leave a comment if ya wish to wander into my dwelling sometime, I warn you though it's pretty easy to get lost in my thoughts. Hell, I still haven't found my own way out yet. =P

....Just don't "TyP lIk DiS"...or talk about PETA...and I'm fine...*Shifty eyes*

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